I have been looking for a portable battery charger online, and when I came across this listing, I thought it was a fair price for the mAh power and was excited it was Amazon Prime-eligible. PermaCharger arrived in the mail at the perfect time; just 2 days after I ordered it. I was leaving for a weekend trip home for a close friend's bachelorette party. I threw the charger in my bag and took it to the airport with me. I had a 2 hour layover and it came in handy charging my iPad, so I could study. It was convenient because it came ready to use. It charged my iPad relatively quickly.  Since it worked so well at the airport I decided to take it with me to the bachelorette party. It was a huge hit! It came in handy in our hotel room - with all of the girls getting ready/doing their hair, it was hard to find a spare outlet for us to charge our devices. PermaCharger allowed us to charge 2 devices quickly without being reliant on a power cord. I also took the Permacharger on the party bus with us. All of the girls used it throughout the night. Everyone had been on their phones taking pictures and posting statuses about the day, so literally everyone had their phone plugged in at some point.  It was also great in the car after the party. I used it to charge my phone because I did not have a car adapter with me. The PermaCharger comes with different adapter pieces so you can easily charge navigation devices, iphones, blackberries etc.  It survived the long weekend without needing to be recharged until I made it back home!

Nicole , 11,000 mAh Portable Charger

This is really an unusual thing for me, as I purchase hundreds of items through amazon a year, but I felt compelled to write a review on the Permacharger. Hands down, the best thing I've bought in a long time. I have an intense job - I work in an ICU and am constantly running around on my feet for 12+ hours for days on end. A big tool in the medical field is your cell phone; you text your colleagues, look up dosages, etc. and I find my phone dies at least twice as fast at work compared to my personal life. I used to have to plug my phone into a random socket and walk away for sometimes hours while my phone charged. Now with the Permacharger, I am able to carry my phone in my coat pocket while charging it at the same time, never having to worry about it being vulnerable again. It charges quick, is slim and lightweight, and totally easy to use. Also it does not scratch anything else in my pocket, and trust me, I put a lot of tools in there. I am so glad I happened to run across this item while browsing amazon because it has been a work-changer for me. I haven't even used the multi-plug feature yet, but my husband and I are frequent travelers and look forward to using it in the airport, avoiding that annoying hunt for the last outlet in use at the airport. For anyone serious about their technology, buy this charger....it's worth it.


Meg , 11,000 mAh Portable Charger